Updating supercard mini


There are two menus: One is ‘Game List’, and the other is ‘Options’.

The Supercard Mini SD is the ultimate GBA Flashcard.

There is a function on this menu called ‘Game Default Set’.

It is quite useful since you can save time by using this function. Double click a game file and it will pop out a ‘properties’ window, as the picture below showed. Enable more Saver: allow creating 4 general save rooms. Enable Real Time Save: allow games to use Real Time Save function. Enable more Real Time Saver: allow game to use Real Time Save function.

This card loads and runs all of the amazing Gameboy Advance homebrew and indie games and game hacks without any issues!

It was designed to let us all enjoy those amazing homebrew games and hacks on real hardwarde!

Enable Trim ROM: Allow to compress roms to reduce its size. Enable GBA Union: Be suitable with some NDS games which can be linked with GBA games.

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