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What's the best one to get and what price am I looking at?

But I would have prefered to see a better built fully metal outdoor siren.

That's not an alarm system though, more of a surveillance system.

I was looking at the Bosch systems, but they cost way too much after I added everything up (the better sensors, GSM module etc). bought more wireless sensors recently during a clearance sale).

A Hills Reliance 8 lets you connect up to 8 direct wired sensors (and additional wireless sensors with the right modules added) – for 8 zones. This mob have DIY prices, not sure how much fitting would cost: Here is one of their kits: Hills Reliance 12 Alarm System Kit: $ 692.751x Reliance 12 Alarm panel1x TS2284 Icon code pad1x TS4312 12v 7 AMP/hour Battery1x TS3905 Strobe flasher1 x TS3808 Horn Speaker2 x TS105605 Bosch Quad movement detector1 x TS3103 Recessed Piezo Siren1 x TS4005 Plastic Siren Cover1 x TS4101 Tamper1 x TS4402 Power Supply You would need to add additional detectors, and the second key pad.

Personally, I just added a remote kit rather than a second keypad. I also wired one of the extra buttons to my garage door.

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