Updating a lamp base with paint


We finally replaced it because even painted we could still see the tiles and it just wasn't the look for us, but I am so glad we painted it temporarily. You can read all about our new laminate backsplash here.

You can check out some more posts about our kitchen makeover progress before you head out, like how we painted the kitchen floor, how we moved some cabinets around and how we created a high impact herringbone plank wall.

If you find that the first coat of your color wash is too light, add a second color wash to darken the color.

The Lamp Black color wash gave this cabinet door a really nice imitation walnut stain color and a warm base for our next step... I'm not going to go into specific painting details here.

That left me with a pint of the darkest grey color, Queenstown Grey, that I wasn’t going to use. Yes, you can still see the pattern of the decorative tiles, but holy cow, I am beyond happy with how this FREE transformation turned out.

The backsplash now kind of blends into the background and looks great with the granite countertops and light grey cabinets.

You can learn all about how we painted our kitchen cabinets without priming OR sanding here.

The painted backsplash held up perfectly as well, but we did replace it after about 18 months.

Our decision to replace it had nothing to do with the condition of the paint–it hadn't peeled or chipped AT ALL and was easy to clean.

once you add your 1st coat over the top of it, it will leave you with a gorgeous rustic finish!

Above, is a picture of the cabinet with the black color wash still wet.

The cabinet was heavy and well made but the wood grain looked like it had been stuck in a time warp.

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