Tfs generate list of changesets and updating work items vancouver speed dating events

The reason is there are some files disappeared, after getting version and to fix it I have find all this missing files and do the same as before for each of them.

Wonder what kind of version you specified in the dialog.

Versions in italics are planned for the future and subject to change.

Release management improvements – Azure deployments, release policies: Agent queue management Azure deployments Policies – Soft delete releases Policies – Retention of releases and builds Release definition authoring improvements – linked artifacts improvements Release – redeploy after success We would love to hear what you think about these features.

This release functionality is identical to the previous version of Sidekicks for Visual Studio 2013, with support of TFS both on premise and in-the-cloud (Team Foundation Service).

Team Foundation Sidekicks for Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server 2012 is available!

Some features are linked to a blog post and/or User Voice entry where you can learn more and comment.

These features and dates are the current plans at this time and are subject to change.

As always, we would be happy to hear your feedback, so please feel free to comment on the blog or reach us at tfs_at_attrice_dot_info. It identifies some of the significant features we are currently working on and a rough timeframe for when you can expect to see them.It is not comprehensive but is intended to provide some visibility into key investments.Other thing is - if you perform get latest from solution explorer, it will get only the files that are part of currently open solution/project.If the file is in source control, but not added to the solution/project TFS will not retrieve it.We have updated the Sidekicks to work with RC build of Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server 2010, the updated version can be downloaded here.

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