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- 2 Thessalonians 1:4 TODAY IN THE WORD On November 9, 2007, Christianity Today interviewed Carl Moeller, president of Open Doors USA, part of the organization founded in 1955 by Brother Andrew.

Moeller shared: “I just became aware of a story of a family in Indonesia whose daughter was one of three girls who were attacked by Muslim extremists in 2004…

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He was treated roughly there, too (Acts 17:5), eventually having to leave town under cover of darkness (Acts ). After Paul preached Jesus as the Messiah to the Jews for three Sabbaths, many people believed (Acts 16:2-4).

Paul may have stayed several more months in Thessalonica, ministering among the Gentiles.

Paul's two letters to this church—our focus this month—were likely written from Corinth around a.d. Although he was forced to leave Thessalonica, Paul deeply cared about this young church, as these two letters reveal.

TODAY ALONG THE WAY The opening verse of 1 Thessalonians contains valuable insights. Written by Paul, the letter's salutation shows the important part played by Silas and Timothy in the work of the gospel.

Finally, consider the greeting “grace and peace.” Grace is God's unmerited gift, which results in peace.This change was brought about by the Holy Spirit, but they also needed to see someone modeling this kind of life of faith.The Thessalonians learned how to live the Christian life by observing and imitating Paul.I say it just begins to live that day.” This is especially true when it comes to God’s words. One proof of this is the effect that the gospel had on those who heard it in Thessalonica. The gospel’s power is also demonstrated in its capacity to transform those who believe its message.All words have power, but God’s words convey the power of God. Despite opposition, many in Thessalonica responded to Paul’s message with faith. For the Thessalonian Christians, faith was more than a verbal affirmation of what they believed about Jesus; their faith was reflected in their actions.Some Jews became jealous of the number of Gentile converts to Christianity.

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