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Bridgette asks her to please calm down but Kenzie is pissed off. She gets so frustrated that she storms out of the room.Bridgette follows her upstairs and asks her why she's so angry.Her big tits sway left and right as the two boys double penetrate that slim secretary’s clam and rosebud.

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She tells Kenzie that back in college she experimented an awful lot and found herself liking woman as much as men.

When Kenzie asks her if her feelings are normal, Bridgette assures her that it's perfectly normal to like girls.

They are walking through the park, taking pictures and sightseeing with the plan to head to a coffee shop they have heard locals rave about.

Carrie notices the hot couple and can't help but want to give them some attention.

She is not sure how to react at first but quickly realizes this is the opportunity she has been waiting for.

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