Jen johnson big brother dating

Silly com - Hamsters is a nickname for the contestants and this blog follows the action in the house with live blogging during the live eviction episodes.

We Love Big - Updates, news, forums and more from this site dedicated to the show.

Adam Jasinski's Personal My Space - As with most Big Brother contestants, he also has a My Space page.

Alex Coladonato's Official Fan Page on My Space - A DJ from Staten Island, NY who appeared on season 9 of Big Brother.

Angie Swindell's Official Fan Page on My Space - Run by a fan, this page is for fans of Angie Swindell.

April Dowling's Official Fan Page on My Space - A public page for fans of April to show their appreciation.

Jessie Godderz's Official Fan Page on My Space - Official fan page of Mr.

Natural Iowa 2008, and current Big Brother houseguest, Jessie.

Hamster - Lots of analysis of how the show is going, breaking it down by each player/hamster.(Our own Adam Ostrow is also a fan, but I'm not sure he'll fess up, so I'm doing it for him!) Big Brother After Dark - Page from Showtime channel, Sho 2, for the late night live show that plays every night during the season.Jokers - Hyper-active forums that are almost difficult to keep up with and are policed for the most minor of infractions, which can actually get in the way of discussion.24/7 updates of what is happening on the live streams during the course of the show.Has a chat room powered by Meebo for fans to discuss the latest happenings in the house.

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