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Cabs kept coming in, halting and moving on after deals were struck.

We were witness to cops pocketing money from call-girls and pimps.

The app is unique in that it offers users the security and comfort of temporary, time-limited accounts that last up to an hour.

A replay of what transpired: Call-girl: Are you Hindi? Talk to her (girl named Priya who is standing nearby) as she understands Hindi.

Pure is a dating service app for i OS and Android created by Get Pure Inc.

Once the price is finalised, the girl goes with the client in the taxi.”Krishna’ logic for why the ‘business’ had shifted to the BIA road was impeccable.

“If we were to operate in a residential area, the risk would be high as neighbours might complain.

But here the government offices close in the evening and the crowd that passes through this road is largely rich,” he said.

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