Dating relationships warning signals


How do you know if you’re in an unhealthy dating relationship?Many of us live in denial about the state of a toxic relationship—bearing with it much longer than we should.And finally, if you continue to fall into sin together, it’s time to take a break until you can grow enough in your spiritual walk to come back together in purity. These are only three warning signs; there are several more that could be discussed (such as unequal yoking). But if you’re in a relationship that is exhibiting any of these signs, remember that God you and wants you to be at peace. Laziness can manifest itself in several ways, but ultimately it is a spiritual issue.God is a worker, and knowing Him inspires us to be diligent in our own work.

Does he make excuses—“I had a bad day,” “I was just really annoyed”—but fail to apologize or appropriately deal with his emotions? Self-control is a fruit of walking by the Spirit; you cannot simultaneously be in the Spirit and raging at your partner, friend or acquaintance.But alas, if a partner has doubts to commit to the relationship, then it may be considered as a warning sign. There might be some trust issues involved regarding the relationship. Lack Of Communication Communication is important for a relationship to grow and prosper.It is the only way for couples to understand and know more about each other.This may be because of fear (“What will happen if we break up?”) or because of embarrassment (“I should have seen this sooner! We may also hesitate because we’re not sure if what we’re seeing is just conflict that needs to be worked through or if it’s enough to warrant ending the relationship. Following are three warning signs in a dating relationship—three red flags that you shouldn’t ignore.You would also benefit from a married couple mentoring you through this season.

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