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Whatever it is that’s already hard for women in Namibia is doubly difficult for lesbian women.” Says Florence /Khaxas, director of the Young Feminists Movement of Namibia, or Y-Fem.

Corrective rapes in Namibia happen when men, either as individuals or in groups attack and rape lesbian women with the aim of ‘correcting’ them, or setting them ‘straight’.

“They ordered her to undress and went on to assault her while she was stark naked.

Afterwards,the three women drove to assaulting Kaambo while one of them recorded the act with a cellphone,”reads part of the court records.

Here she shares her thoughts on love, life and the rights of young LBTIQ women in Namibia. He tells her he likes her and they go to the movies, or on a date where they can stare lovingly into each others eyes and hold hands.

Even a certain amountof PDA (Public Displays of Affection) is allowed, and people tend to ignore them or envy them.

Historically, sodomy was used to describe acts such as mutual masturbation, oral and anal sex between people and sex with animals, now only refers to anal sex between men.

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But Obama’s statement does very little to change the situation of lesbian, trans and gay people in Namibia. Fifty, maybe more years ago, relationships between black and white people in apartheid era South West Africa were criminalized.

It’s hard for you to go to the police because they might laugh at you.

The same happens when lesbian women are victims of corrective rapes-you can’t report it to the authorities.

They got into Magama’s vehicle who drove them to a secluded place in Famona suburb.

It was yet to be proven that when they got there ,the three women accused Kaambo of flirting with Magama’s husband and they took turns to assault her.

It was alleged that the trio invited Kaambo and Tjiramba to a local complex under the pretext of selling Avon products to them.

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