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For example, by the end of eighth grade, students should be able to "informally explain why the square root of 2 is irrational." The effort -- endorsed by 48 states -- is being praised for its attempt to bring an "ambitious and coherent" curriculum nationwide, while others are critical of a "one-size-fits-all" approach.[source:] A Rise in Efforts to Spot Abuse in Youth Dating - She was 17 when she met her boyfriend, and 20 when she died at his hands.That was even lower than the 52.4 percent in the previous survey in 2006 and marked the worst score out of the six surveys conducted so far.Early-college Plan Details Scant - High schools across the state can begin applying this week for the first funds available to start Seniors to Sophomores early college programs.But it is unclear how many of those high schools and their college partners will be in the Cincinnati region.Some school officials here are just beginning to talk about how to launch the initiative in the fall. Ted Strickland, Seniors to Sophomores would allow seniors to spend their fourth year of high school taking courses on college campuses in Ohio.Value-added Evaluation Being Tried in Ohio Schools - What if you could measure how much a child learns over the course of a school year? districts offer International Baccalaureate study as demand grows.

When he graduates from the school, Drake will be the equivalent of a sophomore in college.National List of Problem Teachers Made Public - A confidential, nationwide list of 24,500 teachers who have been punished for a wide array of offenses had been made available to the public by a Florida newspaper. Study Questions Wisdom of Shift of 6th Graders From Elementary to Middle Schools - Sixth graders do better in elementary school than middle school, according to researchers at Duke University and the University of California at Berkeley who found that sixth graders in middle school had more discipline problems and lower test scores than their sixth-grade peers in elementary schools.Classroom Management Tips: Start Your Day the Right Way Behavior Management Tips: Encouraging Classroom Participation Motivating Kids: Try a New Strategy Help for Homework Hassles: What's Tonight's Assignment Again? Public Education - A bipartisan commission has proposed a series of dramatic changes that would shake up American public education in an effort to make the nation more competitive globally.In Denver, for example, Professional Compensation, or Pro Comp, is the product of a seven-year collaboration among the teachers' union, the district and city hall.Rolled out last school year, Pro Comp includes nine ways for teachers to raise their earnings, some through bonuses and some through bumps in salary."Our aspirations for both children and schools have increased dramatically, and we're still working out of the old, very limited box," said Paul Reville, Massachusetts Board of Education chairman, and co-chairman of a Boston-based organization formed to promote longer school days. It seems to us, the way to do that is make more time available." Blue-collar Teacher Contracts Work Against the Students - In an unfortunate accident of history, the labor contracts that won decent pay for teachers also cemented into place a factory-model design for schooling.

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