Dark love gothic dating


Can Goths or Emos come to faith in Christ and still involve themselves in a dark aesthetic?

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In fact, both Goth and Emo originally (and presently) referred to specific music genres with punk roots before they were considered personal styles.

I love going to the movies, or the theatre, as well as acting in theatre. However, being creative/artistic is a prerequisite. I've always been dark wether it's clothes or furniture I Love and embrace the darkness and black.

I am a multi-colored hair goth rivet head with two dozen piercings that you can spot me three hundred yards out from the firing line.

I am positive, but I have low self esteem sometimes. I'm a fairly laid back guy, I like to write, animate, direct and sing. I am looking for someone who\'s unique, eccentric and indie/alternative. I'm into just about anything and will try almost anything almost.

I'm currently singing with a small group, but we'll see where that goes. I would like someone who\'s got tattoos and piercings, but it isn\'t mandatory. I'm so many different things all wrapped up in a gothic wrapper.

What we can do is provide support, counsel, and love as the Holy Spirit guides us in our relationships (John ).

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