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Once the elevator gets to his floor you straighten up. You get to the door of his room and realize that you about to do something you have never done before – fuck a man not your husband!!

Once inside, he realizes that he has you – the younger woman.” “After kissing and caressing you all over, he forces you to your knees and so you can start unbuckling his pants.

It was after that he realized my husband had been gone for a while that he would start to really work on me. John and I ran into each other about 930 that morning. What he was really thinking about was that this might be his big opportunity to push his dick deep into my pussy. About 330, John popped into my office to give me an update. He was already thinking that he was going to get lucky. I decided to leave work exactly at 500, but was very apprehensive – especially as I drove up to the club. When I returned from the restroom, John suggested that since it was getting late, and I was ‘three sheets to the wind’ as he phrased it, that I should leave my car at the club and he could drive me home. Normally, I don’t like to masturbate, but it felt real good as I moved my fingers up and down my cunt. I came back to my senses and remembered that I had come here to relieve myself so I had better get back lest he wander back and see me like this.

I don’t know if it was obvious that I was lonely and ready for some male attention or what. But I also wondered when the moment came if I would really go through with it? The day dragged on as all I could think about what might happen and how nervous I really was. I lingered to rub my clitoris back and forth as I thought about that big black cock in the living room and wondered what it would feel like if I was on top of him in my bed, only a few feet away, letting him drive that monster in and out of my very wet, slick pussy. Wow, I came hard as I drove my fingers deep as I hit THE spot. So, I went quickly and headed back to the living room.

But I told him how could we do anything if he couldn’t perform? He then started quizzing me about guys that might be possible partners. Walking by him, I played coy and decided that I would start a conversation to find out if the group was still going out on Friday night. So, I just asked him about one of our colleagues who’s a real ass. As the conversation proceeded, I dropped a subtle hint that my husband had been out of town for the last few weeks and was probably not going to be back for another three. When that Friday morning came, I decided that I was definitely going to go to Happy Hour and would go all out for the occasion. His theory was that you wanted to make it easy for the guy to gain access. He moved closer to me and put one arm on my shoulder and the other around me. Boy, it was going to be hard to get out of this one.

During one of our now many discussions on this topic, he brought up that long lost fantasy about the businessman. I eventually had to admit that there was one guy at work, John, that had tried to ask me out on several occasions who I did find attractive. So, if the opportunity presents itself, do you think that you would like to get it on with John? Finally, I decided that I needed to give this some thought. He could get me off, and then I would give him the excuse that I was married. As we continued to talk, I couldn’t help but ask if the Friday night group was still going out on a regular basis. I hadn’t had to attract anybody in a long time, but this was an opportunity to be a real woman so I had wanted to look my best. For the time being, I was trapped in my own house!!

Of course, my husband tried to turn this into something more than a sheer fantasy. I had only been sitting for a few minutes when the door swung open and John proudly strutted through. It was especially bad given that I had not eaten in hours. Or was this some scheme John had concocted to seduce me?

While I found it to be quite erotic, I was not terribly interested in carrying it out in real life. After he grabbed a drink, we sat down and chatted for a while. Damn, I couldn’t help but notice how good looking John was. My panties were already starting to consider the possibilities… Was I just another that would fall prey to John’s good looks? You are very handsome and attractive, but I can’t do anything more.” I could see the deflation in his eyes.

John knew that my husband traveled quite often and was usually gone for several weeks at a time. Not sure that I have ever seen you looking that sexy.” His comments and the way he looked at me sure made me felt good. I was thinking that I might want to join the group tonight. ” I could see from the look on his face that it was more than OK. But as the day wore on, I was starting to feel apprehensive – especially as the time drew nearer. He said that about 6 of us would meet at 500 at a nearby club. After we sat down, he said to me, “Sharon, you were really getting into that.” I blurted out as only a drunk person could, “Well, it has been a long time.” His eyes opened wide as that comment totally caught him off guard. I explained the situation with my husband, but had fibbed during major portions to protect both my husband and not make it seem like I was out looking to get lucky. That made me wonder whether I would really be able to make it home given all the alcohol that we had drunk? Now, he was in the front part of house with his dick hanging out - probably only 30 feet away with nobody else in the house. I rubbed my finger along my slit and noticed how sensitive it felt.He had told me before he left, “If you want to use this opportunity to get laid… You’re on birth control so it doesn’t really matter if he cums inside you.” His suggestion sure shocked the hell out of me. After kissing my neck, he migrated to lightly kissing me near my ear. I am having a really hard time resisting you.” Wow, that felt good!! but if I was not sure if I wanted him to fuck me in my house.If that’s the case I am going to need to be more diligent about taking my birth control because it really hadn’t mattered of late. I want to hear all the details when I got back.” I was hardly convinced that I wanted to do it - even if I had permission. His tongue was starting to move up and down my neck. Well, I diod want him to fuck me since I am aching to be fucked, but I have never done anything like this!!!Our sexual frustration went on for several months, but this was turning into a real problem. But, the alternative surely wasn’t terribly appealing either. I have been pretty bored lately and might have some time. Imagine what a guy must be thinking when he rubs your panties and he immediately slides his fingers in your wet pussy. I wore a simple dress with spaghetti straps so that all he would need to do his slide the straps down so he could suck and nibble on my titties. “Sharon, if I thought that you looked hot tonight, how could any male have resisted you looking like that? I know that I couldn’t have.” What a genuine compliment.Heck, I was only 30 at the time and at the height of my sexuality. Fearing it would lead to the breakup of our marriage if we didn’t do something dramatic, my husband suggested that we figure out some way to keep me satisfied. After we continued the discussion, he asked me if the businessman wasn’t appropriate if there was somebody else that I might be interested in me that might serve as a surrogate. You know you need to get out and enjoy that freedom! Let me think about it.” I saw his smile and the wheels turning….. Years ago, when my husband was trying to convince me to seduce “the businessmen”, he had bought me some slitted panties as part of my outfit. And it set off that familiar, warm tingle in my pussy – which was especially sensitive now since I had only just gotten myself off a minute ago.But, of course, I’m hoping that doesn’t happen and he gets you to his room.

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