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If you asked your partner what their favorite food and color was on the first date years ago, there’s a pretty good chance it’s not the same anymore.

To keep a relationship alive and share common interests, it’s important to communicate and learn about each other, every single day.

“A square jawline indicates high testosterone,” she says.

Guys could alternatively show off their muscular forearms, wrists, and hands (also indicating manliness).

When someone’s uninterested, however, they become stiff.

“If a person is uncomfortable or not feeling flirtatious, they tend to not do this,” says Van Edwards.

Or if someone’s dealing with a condition like dandruff or a pimple, they’ll be more withdrawn, to try not to draw attention to it (which is why Van Edwards partnered with Head & Shoulders to help women feel their most confident in the dating game).

It might seem like a no-brainer, but eye contact makes all the difference—and it turns out that there are chemical reasons behind this.

Ask about your partner’s day at work, and find out about their friends and all the other little details.“Knowing what you do is very empowering.” There are actually ways to send subtle signs that you like someone—and yes, you can do so without being obvious or cheesy. “Once you’re familiar with the particular cues, it’s like seeing the world in HD,” she says.“You’re suddenly seeing all of these minor things that were always there but you never noticed.” Ah, the possibilities.“When someone’s into you, they want to build up oxytocin—which is playfully known as the cuddle hormone,” Van Edwards explains.“Eye contact is really important for attraction because if someone’s holding a mutual gaze, it produces oxytocin, which gives you the warm and fuzzies.” When it’s going really well, looking into each other’s eyes can come along with leaning in towards each other and even a playful touch on the arm or leg.“This is more specific to women, but it happens with both genders,” says Van Edwards. This releases pheromones, and means she’s trying to call attention to her estrogen.” As for men, they’re looking to accentuate their testosterone levels (remember, this is all subconscious!

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