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Teachers could then provide outlines electronically. An instructor can provide their lecture notes to a student prior to the lecture.This allows the student to concentrate on the information given and participate in discussions.The prohibition against discrimination is very broad and encompasses all the programs, activities, and services that your institution provides. that people with disabilities have an equal opportunity to benefit from or participate in your services.A major thrust of the ADA is to ensure that people with disabilities gain access to the mainstream of American society.While these methods are easy to use, the legibility or clarity of the notes may limit their usefulness.

Privately funded educational institutions are subject to similar non-discrimination requirements under Title III of the Act and employers are covered under Title I.

Recordings are also time-consuming to review and not useful for a person with a hearing impairment.

Upon request, most colleges provide note taking services for students with documented disabilities.

Having students summarize their thinking verbally or in a journal may also be useful.

Contact the special education department or disability services office at your school for assistance in providing note taking accommodations and to get NCR paper for note takers.

Access to education is one key to opening the doors of mainstream society to people with disabilities.

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